I only want the best for your brand, and I'll work hard for it.

Hello, there. I'm an IT professional during my day job. I love all things technology, and one of my passions is designing and creating websites. I also create written content, ads, logos, and other marketing and/or branding materials. Another service I provide is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help give businesses the exposure and clicks on Google they need to improve their organic search ranking and monthly traffic or to help improve their current SEO. I don't like to make websites that are cookie-cutter. I prefer to personalize them to my clients so that I can bring their vision to life and impart a piece of them to the design. I want my clients to be able to stand out and be unique. If a client is set on another idea, I'll work with them to find a good balance!​

I want to design your website & bring an awesome experience to your customers

My Design Process

I start by doing some research ahead of time on your company, brand, products and/or services, the industry overall, and its customers. I take a look at your current website, if you have one. Then I look at your competitor's websites to see what is good and what is bad about theirs, what their monthly web traffic is, and what makes them successful at drawing people to their site, if they are.

Then I ask some similar and different questions of you (the client) to get your opinions and ideas as well...such as:
What goal do you want to achieve by using my services, and what are the problems you currently have that need solving?
Do you have an existing logo and/or any branding guidelines ?
What products and/or services do you offer?
Who is your target audience?
What makes your products and/or services unique?
What features would you like to see on your website?
What do you hate about other websites?
What image, feeling, or story do you want to tell, and what tone do you want to convey?
Do you already have content to use on your site, and do you need my content creation services as well?
What is your ideal launch date?
And finally...What is your budget? That will tell me the constraints of what you want to achieve, vs. what is possible.

If we determine we're a good fit for each other, I'll dive deeper and ask for your content: logo, branding, product and/or service Information, pricing, videos, photos, bios, etc. All of the things you want to see on your website. If you don't have much content, I can start with placeholder content for the draft design. But I will need content as soon as possible, as it will determine whether my draft fits well, or if the mark was far off with the placeholders. For that reason, providing content up front will make the design process much smoother.

As part of the design process, I then take everything we discussed and think about your customer. I focus on the entire experience I want them to have when they visit your site. I want their experience to be aesthetically pleasing, simple but effective and functional, interactive, directive, consistent and cohesive, intuitive, and easy to navigate. I don't want it to be overly cramped, confusing, distracting, inconsistent, and/or frustrating.

Once I have determined what your customers want and need, I move on to create a hierarchy of the elements that will be on your web pages. This is important to create the flow of the content and to provide a good customer experience. At this stage, I determine, based on the information you gave me, the focus point in order for your customers to begin navigating your product and/or services, and how the design will guide them. This can be done a few different ways, but an important part of that process is creating the layout, choosing the typography, and choosing the site colors (branding)...if you don't already have that established.

Accessibility is important to consider here. We want to ensure that EVERYONE can use your site effectively, who wants to do so.

Lastly, I go from here and start forming your brand new website, testing its functionality as I go along! We'll have our agreed upon number of check-ins, so that I can gather your feedback and make any necessary changes. Once the design and testing are complete...we PUBLISH!

I want to make your presence known and increase your website traffic

I want to create branded digital materials for whatever your needs are

Let’s make something together, say hi.